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Double E Gutters LLC uses recycled aluminum in most all of the products we sell. From the coil we use to make gutters, to the gutter guards we sell and install, our products are made from recycled material. Even the boxes used to package our material is made from recycled cardboard. In addition, we recycle all aluminum and metal gutters we remove from houses and businesses. Double E Gutters LLC is doing this small part for the good of our environment.

YARD SIGNS........read below.


Double E Gutters has had in effect since our business started, an ethical company policy regarding our yard signs. We will only place our yard signs in front of jobs we have completed. We do NOT leave our signs at random intersections or on the sides of roadways. This in our opinion, is "guerilla" advertising, as well as littering. What happens to those signs when they break away from their stakes and blow down the road? That's right, they blow into your yard or become the state, county, municipal road departments problem when they have to be cleaned up! Business's need to be more responsible with these advertising tactics. Double E Gutters feels the public suffers enough through all of the sign mess at every political election.